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If you’re a business in or around Rene Street, “Rene Street Directory” is all you’ll need to advertise your business online.

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We are an optimized directory, meaning when customers search Rene Street in Google, or any variation of, they’ll find us. Having your business listed here gives you the extra potential of 1000 customers that search directly each month. They’ll find YOU here.

You can claim your listing for free, or you can change packages on a monthly, secure subscription to include your website, open hours, details, phone, email, offers, and much more, plus a bonus listing in the FEATURED category on our main page, making your exposure even higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my homepage advertisement?

When you sign up to a homepage advertiser package, you have the option to add an advert to the front page. In your account, click 'advertisement'. You're then prompted to add information such as a title, an image (compulsory) and text. To make your advertisement show, on the right side you'll need to tick the 'homepage' category box. Click 'publish' and your advertisement will be visible within 24 hours.

How do I use the search bar?

Simply enter the information as prompted or you can search just one term, ie just centres, just family daycares, or just a location and click ‘search’.

What's the difference between a free and premium listing?

A free listing is something all services should sign up to. It won’t cost you a cent but will put your service on the map. However, it won’t have as many options. A premium listing will cost $10 a month, will place your service on the map and give many more options including galleries, staff details, phone, email, website, contact form, vacancies, open hours, philosophy, reviews,organization, pricing table, social media links etc. It’s essentially a whole web page – and adds authenticity and more potential for parents to choose you.