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How do I use the map?

When you load our website, our map will automatically zoom to your location if your location settings are on. If they’re off, you can turn them on in your device settings, or you can manually use the search bar. If you want to zoom in, click the lock button on the lower right side to unlock the map. Use your fingers, cursor or the +/- buttons to zoom in and out. Click on a icon that you might be interested in. Click ‘show more’ to see their in depth, detailed web page.

I don't understand how to enter my information within the listing?

There’s various sections to edit. The title is your business name. Underneath, you can add your philosophy, about your service, or any other details. On the right hand side you can check what category you’re in. As you scroll down, simply add the information it says to add. When you’ve finished, scroll to the top right side and click ‘publish.’ You can edit this information anytime and click ‘publish’ whenever you’ve updated to save your information.

I don't understand how to create a listing?

When you’ve registered, simply click your account button on the top right. In the menu, click ‘My Items’. In here you simply click ‘new item’ and follow to add your details.

How do I sign up for permament advertising?

Contact us using the contact page and we’ll send you out an information email on pricing, details, etc. We can put together a great package for front page advertising.

What is a special offer and how do i place an offer there?

Contact us using the contact page for more information on pricing and how a special offer may benefit you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply contact us via the contact page or on and we’ll organize a cancellation for you.

What does PayPal Recurring mean?

Paypal Recurring means you’ll be charged that amount automatically per month.

I signed up but can't log in?

Make sure to check your email to set your password. Check your junk mail also. If you’ve done this and it still won’t log in, please contact us and we’ll sort it out asap.

What if I can already see my service on the map but haven't signed up?

It just means you’ve been added automatically with our system – but you’ll still benefit by registering to a listing so you can add and edit details, photos etc. Click on your icon on the map, click show more, and at the bottom, click ‘claim’.

How do I sign up for a listing?

Easy! Click register. Fill in the details and choose free or premium package (a premium package will take you to paypal during the process). An email will be sent to your chosen email (Check your junk files)– click the link in the email to set up your password. Then simply log in!

What's the difference between a free and premium listing?

A free listing is something all services should sign up to. It won’t cost you a cent but will put your service on the map. However, it won’t have as many options. A premium listing will cost $10 a month, will place your service on the map and give many more options including galleries, staff details, phone, email, website, contact form, vacancies, open hours, philosophy, reviews,organization, pricing table, social media links etc. It’s essentially a whole web page – and adds authenticity and more potential for parents to choose you.

How do I use the search bar?

Simply enter the information as prompted or you can search just one term, ie just centres, just family daycares, or just a location and click ‘search’.

How do I create my homepage advertisement?

When you sign up to a homepage advertiser package, you have the option to add an advert to the front page. In your account, click 'advertisement'. You're then prompted to add information such as a title, an image (compulsory) and text. To make your advertisement show, on the right side you'll need to tick the 'homepage' category box. Click 'publish' and your advertisement will be visible within 24 hours.