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Advertising your Family Daycare Online –  How to get the best results

We all know how difficult it can be to advertise and fill vacancies! How do you stand out from others local to your area? How can you be different? Here’s some ideas to get the ball rolling!

1. Create a name for your daycare that people will remember. Be unique. Avoid using generic names and spend a few weeks creating something catchy. When people remember your name they’ll be more likely to pass it through the grape vine!

2. Invest in a logo. Creating a professional image is similar to your name – you want people to see it and immediately remember who you are. It looks professional online & can greatly increase your chances at securing a call. Eye-catching advertising grabs parent’s attention much quicker than simply a name. You can nab a logo in a couple of hours by using freelancing websites, or there’s plenty of larger or local companies around.

3. Investing in a website & professional photos is a good idea. Similarly to a logo, a website and photos will show parents you’ve put everything into your Family Daycare venture. It’s simply a tool to gain reputability.

4. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is THE BEST way to advertise, we believe! SEO consists of a variety of tactics and methods to ensure when people search for “family daycare’s in ___” they’ll find YOU at the very top of Google. If you don’t undertake SEO, often you’ll never be found or aren’t even on Google. You can invest a lot of money into websites but basic SEO is essential or you’ve got a beautiful website and no one finding it. We recommend the local business TechTronix Australia who have kept my personal Family Daycare at the top of Google for years!

5. Social Media, specifically Facebook is incredible at gaining new clients. A good Facebook page consists of information that’s updated at least weekly. If it’s not active, it’s not as likely to seem current. Good quality photos are essential to grab attention, and posting status’ that are interactive are also a great way to get people to see your page through the spiderweb of comments and likes. Updating your page with videos from around the web, local community events, etc, are also likely to gain interaction. Not only potential clients will follow your facebook, but also others in the community and all it takes is one word of mouth scenario to fill your vacancies.

6. In addition to Facebook, sharing your posts in Facebook groups is also a great way to get response. It reaches a large audience and helps to gain exposure. Again, when people see you over and over, they tend to remember you. So always be prominent in your online presence.

7. It’s a good idea to create an online information book outling all your pricing, about you, services, open hours and all information you’d want potential parents to know. When a person messages or emails you, it’s a great idea to send it out via email to instantly try to secure that interest, even if they are looking for the future.

8. Childcare Provided. We know it! We take the stress out of a lot of these points to help along the way. In our listings you can add your philosophy, your about you and pricing and hours. You can add a gallery of quality photos and even videos if you choose! You can add your own events or community events such as playgroups, social nights and link to all your social media pages. We aim to gather as much information in a professional format so it allows parents to find all your details in one hit and allow you to stand out from the others!

We’ll go in depth with a few of these topics in the coming weeks – but we wish you all the luck advertising and filling your vacancies!

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