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Sick Child Etiquette

It’s hard, having a sick child. They’re sick, you need to go to work, you don’t want to take a day off. The hardest part is deciding when sick is ‘too’ sick. Let’s break it down. Your child has a sniffly nose that’s been hanging around for a week. They’re upbeat, have no temperatures or […]

First day at Childcare – How to tackle it!

The stress leading up to sending your child to childcare for the first time is hard. But it’s always hardest for mum and dad. As an Educator, I’ve help hundreds, if not thousands of families settle in on their first day. I get it – you’re leaving your child in the hands of someone else […]

What sort of childcare suits your family?

The question everyone asks – What’s the difference between Family Daycare and Centres? Whats the difference between a Nanny and a Family Daycare? What will suit my family, my work hours, my child’s needs and lifestyle best? Ultimately, we recommend visiting or enquiring with a few before you make a decision. All are different, and […]

Childcare Provided is live!

Welcome to Childcare Provided New Zealand! We’re so excited to share our new directory with the public. It’s been a work in progress but we’re finally there! Childcare Provided was born locally in the beautiful Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast. Our owners noticed a gap in finding reliable, free and easy information on care for your […]